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Stampede Stunt Company 


The Stampede Stunt Company provide the best in Main Arena Equine Stunts Shows, delivering outstanding performances that are detailed, scripted, choreographed and presented meticulously. Our shows are suitable for historical castles, main arena acts, county shows, equine colleges, polo events, and all other events, and keep the crowds returning year after year. 
The team are the first UK team in history to compete in Moscow, Russia in July 2016 at the first ever World Dzhigitovka Championships ( Cossack weapons and trick riding skills) and are bringing new unseen stunts and tricks back to the UK. 
We know that organisers and audience alike have spent good money on the day's entertainment, and we will not leave you anything other than delighted, because we supply the equine stunt shows that we would like to see ourselves. 

Our Shows 

We offer the following shows: 
The legendary warriors of the Cossacks (Dzhigits) are masters of horseback weapons and gymnastic ability, and their skills are known as Dzhigit - Tofka. 
This exciting display showcases authentic traditional Cossack Trick Riding, Roman Riding 4 horses at once, Human Pyramids, Blind folded tricks, Fire Jumping, Fire Jumping whilst still in a Trick and far too much more to list here, as well as Mastery of Weapons such as Horseback Archery, Sharp Shaska swords drills, Throwing knives all from the British Dzhigitovka team who now travel to train with tutors from Moscow and Volgograd regions to bring back these skills unseen here in the UK. 
We also have many years of experience supplying fantastic medieval extravaganzas of Combat, Trick Riding, Roman Riding, Horseback Archery, Fire and Jousting! 

Why use us? 

Whilst we provide comparable quotes to other professional teams, The Stampede Stunt Company is the only team in the U.K. which can offer ALL the following for your money :- 
The only UK team affliated to the International Equestrain Dzhigitovka Federation -IEDF based in Russia performing authentic traditional Cossack tricks and technqiues and working alongside 'real' Russian Cossacks. 
Full on action by trained stunt performers 
Performance trained Andalucian stunt horses 
Rearing horses, laying down horses, Cossack Trick riding, 4 Horse Roman riding and fire performance. 
Weapons Drills brought back from Russia. 
Professionally arranged music and presentation with our own sound man. 
Immaculate back stage area with matching equipment for all horses that keeps your event standards high. 
We have many more years than we care to mention of show experience and have performed at venues all across the UK and abroad. Our shows are unique in every way, from our individually tailored costumes to the first class action and intrigue and the show as a whole one of the best to be seen, all brought to life by performers with years of show experience. 
Attention to detail is everything! 
As you would expect, we hold full public liability insurance. 

Audiences love us 

Beautiful costuming, fantastic exciting music arrangement, Roman Riding, visual effects, Trick Riding, fire jumps and thrills! Tricks are performed on all sides of the arena which includes all your audience so they see the stunts close up as riders and horses whizz past. 
There is no other show on the circuit like it! 
"It was a fasted paced spectacle and the exciting stunts completely captured the beach crowd, bringing a new element to the polo matches. The modern music and costumes were certainly a welcomed addition to the programme. A highlight was the smoke stunts which worked brilliantly in such a large beachj arena. The team were professional, helpful and very accommodating to the challenges of working on a beach." - Veuve Cliqout Polo on the Beach at Watergate Bay (show organiser) 
"I wasn't expecting THAT! Best jousting we've ever seen! Worth the entry fee alone" 
“You Guys Rock” 
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