Suppliers of trained stunt and performance horses to the film, T.V. and theatre industry for over 16 years. We are able to supply... 
Carnaval our Spanish horse in a studio for Rankin for iSupermodel. 
Harpers Baazar cover story with actress Sophie Turner. 
Strongbow Dark Fruits for LadBible and London Fashion Week - London 2019 
Annabel's private members club Halloween event Oct 2019 
Kirsten Scott Thomas with Carnaval shot at our home location period stables circa 1768. Town & Country Magazine Spring 2020 Photo credit Richard Phibbs. 
We specialise in fashion shoots having creative vision oursleves. 
Rearing, falling, laying/hiding, sitting up. 
We supply Andalucian, Friesian and other breeds of horses and ponies. 
Battle, Jousting, Horseback Archery, Skill-at-arms, armoured horses. 
Jumping through fire & fire related stunts. 
Circus, Trick and Fancy Riding, and customised performance. 
Horses trained for studio environments, outdoor shoots, special effects, lighting, cameras, flashes etc. 
Our staff are always professional, smartly presented and experienced handlers. We will always help a model or actor feel comfortable to perfrom to their best. 
Need a horse to just stand there calmly - we can do that too! 
Our horses are perfectly happy on locations or in a studio all day . 
Castizo one of our Andalucian horses and Teake our Friesian for Town and Country Magazine - Spring 2020 Photo credit Richard Phibbs. 
Photo courtesy of T&C  
Teake our Friesian for Dior Haute Couture for Town and Country Spring 2021 Richard Phibbs. 
Jaguar F type Advert - Loose Horses on Beach - Oct 2019 
Teake our Friesian for Dior Haute Couture for Town and Country Spring 2021 Richard Phibbs. 
Teake the Friesian For T&C Spring 2020. 
Behind the scenes studio shoot, London. 
Horsemasters and handlers, classical riders, period riders and stunt riders from circus, film & T.V. and theatre backgrounds. 
Stirrup drags 
Saddle falls, horse falls, drags 
The best trick riders to be found in the UK 
Head to our show website for all live show infomation 
Roman Riding  
Rearing horses and Trick Riding  
Cossack Trick Riding, Roman Riding, Jousting, show jumping, fire jumping, and customised action. 
Specialising in costume, skin work, ariel, prosthetics, animatronics, body movement, mo-cap and greenscreen. 
We supply large numbers of background and battle horses 
Riding lessons for actors at our own centre. With years of on-set experience, we are ideally placed to quickly and efficiently train actors to exact requirement. 
Side saddle Horseback Archery  
Champion Horseback Archer - Ana Sokolska 

Background and battle horses 

Script specific horses – We will always supply to specification on colour, breed or size as per your requirements 
Period tack. - Supplied to your specifications, researched and authentic with attention to detail. 
Vehicles and draught horses. 
Principal actor's horses. 
Short term Rider Confidence for actor's courses. Our unique Rider Confidence courses have been established throughout the equine community, combining practical exercises with hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to boost confidence and ability. 
Hypnosis for Rider Confidence sessions 

Credits for our Animals – Film and TV , Media and Fashion shoots. 

'Culprits' Disney Plus - In Production - Horses and location 
'Hounded' Film - In Production - Main actor Horses, Stunt Doubles, Wolf Dog. 
Harrods Magazine - Fashion shoot - Peacock & Horse - On Location 
New Look - Belgium Hare. 
Wall Street Journal - Horse Supplier - London 2020 
Paul Oz Explosive Artist - Rearing Horse - 360 Stop motion Camera Rig, studio -Feb 2020 
Town and Country Magazine UK - Kirsten Scott Thomas shoot - Location and Horses supplier Spring 2020 
Harpers Baazar Magazine - Macaw -Studio photoshoot-London 
Harpers Baazar magazine- Location - Horses - Models 
Foals - Music Video - Horses on location 
Whizz Air - Airline Front cover - magazine - Horses and Model Rider 
ITV Drama - Lethal White  
Annabel's private members club, Halloween event - Mayfair, London - Horses, Riders and Dire Wolves 
Jaguar F Type commercial - Loose Horses - on location 
C Montana - Music Video - Wolfdog - on location 
Artist Headie - Music video - Horse/Stunt Rider - Home Location 
LadBible - Strongbow Dark fruits/London Fashion Week - Horse and Rider 
Betty TV - Gardening show - Essex - Koi carp 
Town and County Magazine - Horses - On Location  
Harper's Baazar Magazine - Fashion shoot - Rearing unicorn and Wolfdog - London. 
Burberry fashion shoot - Gaddesden Place - Horses. 
Eva Heregova shoot - Tatler Magazine - Gaddesden Place - Horses. 
The Walking Dead - Series 9 Opening Credits - Location / Stunt riders / rearing horses. 
Matthew Seed The Horse Photographer & Beaufort London - Location supplier / Horse Master / Horse Supplier 
Vogue Magazine for Ralph Lauren - Vogue - London studios - Horse master/Horse supplier 
Endeavour - ITV Drama - Stables and yard location. 
Mulberry shoot - Fashion - Horse Master/ Horse Supplier/ Location Supplier. 
Paddy Power - Taylor Herring - President Putin look - a - like on horseback - Central London publicity stunt. 
Robot Jockey and Horse - BetBright - Cheltenham Races Promo - Home location. 
National Geographic Channel - Science of Stupid - TV Horse Master/ Horse Supplier/ Stunts 
iSupermodel/ Rankin fashion shoot- TV - Horse Master / Horse Supplier / Model tuition 
ITV Grantchester - Series II - TV - Horse Master / Horse Supplier / Actor tuition 
Roman and Celtic warrior -Film shoot 
Burberry fashion shoot - home location 
Town and Country Magazine Spring 2020 
Painting recreation Alfred De Dreux 1810 -1860 
Andre Bato - music video - Horse Master / Horse Supplier / Location. 
Barcroft media - TV - Horse Master / Horse Supplier / Stunts 
ITV The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher - TV Horse Master/ Horse Supplier 
Channel 5 - Dallas TV Promotion Commercial Horse Master/ Horse Supplier 
Tatler Magazine - Fashion shoot - Location supplier / Horse Master / Horse Supplier 
Sega - Total War 'Attilla' trailer and documentary - Location supplier / Horse Master / Horse Supplier 
Matilda Temperley - Photoshoot - Location supplier / Horse Master / Horse Supplier 
ITV drama- horses and home location 1768 stables 
Arizona Muse for Town and Country magazine 2019 
Eva Herzigova and Carnaval -Tatler magazine Home location 2018 
Dora - Wolfdog - C.Montana music video 2019 
Foals - Neptune - Music Video - Released Feb 6th 2020. 
Paul Oz and Steve Russel Studios 2020. 
Dior Haute Couture - Town and Country Spring 2021 Richard Phibbs  
Harpers Baazar magazine with Fell pony 
Mulberry fashion campaign - Home stables 
Vogue fashion shoot for Ralph Lauren 2019 
White Walkers - Game of Thrones Event - Annabel's - Mayfair,London 
After a long day at work - relaxation time with the wolves and Macaw! 

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