Other Animals 

The Stampede Stunt Company also provide a wide range of other animals for film, T.V. magazine and media work. In addition to what you see below, we also have reliable connections for other animals so please let us know if you can't see what you are looking for.  
All our animals are also happy around our horses and indeed have worked together on shoots. 
We are creative people ourselves with years of experience working on sets and also of working with animals and we love to help you achieve your brief . 
We go the extra mile to make it work and keep our animals and client both happy. 
We charge per animal per day plus handler and fuel from our home in Hemel Hempstead. 
Please contact for a chat and a quote. 
Sophie Turner for Harpers Baazar - Photo Richard Phibbs. 
Tundra - Wolfdog -Female 
Tundra is a beautiful wolfdog with wolf percentage, she gets on well with Dora and make a great pair together. 
Dire wolves - Annabel's private members club Halloween Game of Thrones event - Berkeley Square, London. 
Valko - Czechoslovakian Wolfdog - Stunning male with yellow wolf eyes. 

Bi - eyed Wolf Dogs 

Dora - Female 
Dora is a wolf a like dog that lives with us, is very friendly and very response with great recall.  
She is very good on and off the lead and has no prey drive with chickens, sheep, pheasants, small birds, rabbits and other dogs which is great.  
She is unusual with one brown eye and one blue eye. 
She has recently worked on shoots for The Royal Ballet and Matilda Temperley, London. 

  African Pygmy Hedgehog 

Mr Prickle Pants - our super friendly little hedgehog is also a little star.  
He has travelled into London on the train and London underground to Vogue House to do a fashion shoot for Tatler magazine which including walking on the editors desk, climbing amongst Jimmy Choo designer shoes and welcoming visitors at front desk for Conde Nast publications. He also visited the new Ralph Lauren bar in London to take a short coffee break! 

Blue and Gold Macaw 

This is Poppleguy.  
She is very used to going out and about, is harness trained and also been to London on the train and London underground.  
She regularly visits pubs, attends all the shows we perform at around the UK and is happy going to lots of different people as we have trained her with this as did the breeder from a very early age.  
Poppleguy can free fly and land back on her handler. 
Poppleguy can also ride a horse, he often flies around and lands on our horses, neither mind. 
We are also lucky to be based next to Gaddesden Place with its stunning Victorian Conservatory full of exotic plants which is used for film location shoots included amongst hundreds of films and TV productions the recent ITV Sunday night drama Vanity Fair so perfect for both the Macaw and tropical location in one. 


We have some female Aylesbury white ducks for hire. They live with our chickens and have recently worked on a shoot for The Royal Ballet and one even got re named Star duck due to how well behaved and happy posing she was in front of the camera. 
We also have Call ducks, a Magpie duck and a Muscovy duck called Tank! 
Clare Luxton photography  

Male Panther Chameleon 

This is our chameleon called David Attenborough. 
He is a stunning and a friendly Panther Chameleon who loves to come and his vivarium and wonder about. Great for photo shoots. 

Poison Dart Frogs - Blue 

We have 4 Dendrobates Azureus little frogs that are available to shoot.  
These must be keep in their bio active vivarium or similar humid set up.  
Beautiful colours and very bold frogs that love fruit flies. 
Claire Luxton Photography 

Small birds - Finches/Canaries/Parrotlets 

We now have some small aviary birds available for hire.  
The Canaries are tame and easy to shoot with or without a cage.  
We can also source different bird types if required.  
The birds were recently used on a studio photo shoot for The Royal Ballet. 

Belgian Hare 

This is Dzhigit our female house hare.  
She lives freely in our house and is bold, beautiful and friendly. 
She is great for photo shoots and very happy with our other animals in fact she gets on very well with our Wolfdog Dora! 
We now have 3 stunning Peacocks for hire. 
A beautiful pure white Peacock called Ghost. 
A very rare Opal Peacock called Opal 
A Indian Blue with black shoulders just a bit different with iridescent black/green shoulder feathers called Blue. 
Harrods Magazine July 2019 Photography by Richard Phibbs. 
Luna the British blue shorthaired cat 
Luna is a beautiful and friendly silver British Shorthair girl with stunning amber eyes, shes good with most animals. 
Bearded Dragons from Australia 
We have some friendly Bearded Dragons from the Australian Outback for film/TV and photoshoots. 

Koi Carp and Goldfish 

We have a beautiful pond of 12-19inch Koi carp and also regular Goldfish for hire. 
We are experienced with moving the fish safely to any location and can advise on requirements. 

Cockerels and Hens 

We have 25 free range chickens of rare breeds including completely black Ayam Cermani from Indonesia, Asil game fighting type cockerels from India as well as farmyard brown hens and Bluebell hens.  
We also have a small group of Quails.  
All the Chickens recently have worked for Tatler magazine for a photo shoot with a model. 
Asil Game fighting cock - From India/Pakistan  
We also have 10 Tarantulas of different types and sizes 
Mrs Green - Adult Female - Green Bottle Blue - Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens 
Felicity - Adult Female - Curly Hair - Brachypelma Albopilosum Honduran 

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